Monday, November 10, 2008

Yoda dog here. Mom got me a blanket because I've been shivering a lot lately. I need more fur!

I love this blankey.

I love sleeping too.

I'm sad grandpa left but I'm almost back to normal. I was playing a lot, not sleeping as much, and not yelping! Still not sleeping through the night but I'm getting there!


Ruby Bleu said...

So glad you are feeling better...and I LOVE your blankie!

Lots of licks, Ruby

Petra said...

I love your snowflake blanket, Bobo! You look so snuggly and warm in it. I'm glad you're feeling better, too. Rest up, little friend!

The Puppies said...

Hey Bobo!!
So glad you are feeling better!! Your blankie is awfully cute!! we have one we lie on all the time on our couch that we love too!!

The Puppies

Aggie said...

I love the new blankie! I got a new blankie too, it is getting cold here so my had to provide me with warm things.

Glad you are feeling better

Sloppy Licks,,

Petra said...

My mom needs to go shopping at Target; thanks for the tip!

FleasGang said...

Ahh, it's getting to be blankie weather here, too! And sweater! It's not easy being a trend-setter you know :-)


YoungB said...

For Bobo and his Mom:

I happened upon your blog. Sorry to hear Bobo has been sick. I too have a Boston Terrier named Robbie and recently ordered him a waterproof bodysuit from 'k-9 top coat,' to keep him warm on walks. Perhaps the same "suit" will help keep Bobo warm. If you don't need the coat to be waterproof they also have an 'Arctic fleece bodysuit.'
You can buy these products brand new or save some money by checking out their 'seconds' (they sell coats that have been returned due to wrong size,etc, and sell it at a discounted price).

I hope this helps. I wish you luck...and for Bobo warmth and good health!

~ Becky