Friday, August 29, 2008


COUNTDOWN TO MOM'S BDAY: 2 DAYS! (She'll be 27! Grandma!)

Maybe Mom will get as spoiled as me...NOT!

Mom says she better never have babies because she'll spoil them like me!

This is my Felix the Cat pose! Where did my ears go??!?!

I wasn't feeling very happy yesterday...look how pathetic I am!

Hope all you doggies have a great week! I hope I get to go to the beach soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


SUCCESS! Sort of.

Mom had a bright idea (for once in her life) and went to PETCO (there's only 1 in our craptown). Lo and behold, she found the LAST two peanut butter Bimple Bones and a few peppermints (I hope this flavor is good). So here is a picture of what she could afford to buy my greedy azzzzz:

$30 worth of Booda bones!

So the conclusion is, these are being discontinued. It can't be a coincidence that EVERY store mom has gone to has sold out or been "priced to clear." These were on sale with our PETCO card. Thank Buddah...or Booda, rather, hehehehehe. Actually, scratch that. I WILL PEE ON YOU BOODA! Why are you not making these anymore!? They are super healthy, made in the USA and I NEVER ever choke on these when I eat them so mom feels okay about leaving me with one of these while she does chores around the house. One time I ate some rawhide chew and started foaming at the mouth! YUCK!

Chilly Dawgs!

Has anyone had these before? They look pretty good...maybe not the healthiest but nothing terribly awful. Except for the "Made in China" part. Mom says I can't say bad things about China because that's where my grandparents are from.


Something is wrong with me but I won't tell Mom.

Last night I didn't want to play or eat these crappy bones she tried to feed me in an effort to conserve the 3 Booda bones I have left.

And today when she came home to see me during lunch, I wouldn't walk down the stairs, and I wouldn't go pee.

This is what happened on the stairs..."You want me to WALK? What am I? A dog?!"

Do any of you Bostons do this? Sit down and chomp on something without moving for minutes at a time?

Or am I cuckoo?

Mom is frustrated with me. I hope she still takes me on the beach-birthday-trip!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is it vacation yet?

Mom's birthday is on the 1st...we're going to the beach for a week! She needs a vacation! Mom took me to the beach a week after she adopted me. I didn't care much but I did like peeing everywhere in the designated dog area.

Mom is super pissed because Booda has "reformulated" the Bimple Bone so that's why she can't find it anywhere. PetsMart sold out of their old stock before she could buy a bunch for me. These are THE only bones I like and that I don't choke on. HELP! The new Bimples are terrible. They're small and I can eat them in about 5 minutes flat!

These bones don't have bad stuff in them and that's why Mom likes me to eat these instead of the other junk food ones.

This is what I look like when I'm mad at Mom for not playing fetch with me:

Mom says it looks like I have a creepy smile in this picture.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


On Tuesday mom took me to pee after she got home from work and what did I do instead? BARF!

My neighbor checks on me on Tuesdays because Mom doesn't have a chance to and she thinks I may have eaten some grass. I've been doing that a lot lately.

Photobucket is being a $#&^! right now so Mom will post a picture of me later. She says I have a "creepy smile." Creepy?! I'm cute!

P.S. I still have not taken to my new Cuz toy...the turtle Cuz I like, but the green Cuz I got last week is just sitting lonely :( Maybe I should send it to Joey!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

weekends are too short

First off, thanks to Aggie for giving me this award!

Mom had such a hard week last week working all by herself (she works at a newspaper & her dept had some layoffs).

We slept a whole bunch this weekend. I even slept more than she did today. She was doing laundry and dishes all day but then we went on a walk and went to see my pug friends. I was eating grass and mom was saying 'Don't puke!' What's wrong with eating grass???

I got a bath today...I didn't really freak out like I normally do. Mom decided to bathe me in her shower so I couldn't escape (there's a door) and she used a handheld shower to give me a bath. Afterward, I ran around like a crazy dog.

I wore a different shirt yesterday. Mom says wearing shirts helps my itchies not get worse.

Mom says I look like a puppy here...

My other $1 shirts from Target!

I love my pig toy!

I also love my hot dog toy...

Mom says this is a famous person's Boston Terrier. She thinks it's actress Famke Janssen's. He looks cool!

This is Famke with her BT Licorice.

Photo credit:

Mom finally found a story that sells those Frosty Paws all of you like. Anyone had any poo problems after eating them? Sometimes I have poo problems. :(

P.S. Mom called and called about Motley and he was already adopted. The dumb lady from the shelter ignored mom's emails so she gave him to another family. :(

Thursday, August 14, 2008

no more booda?

Any of my pals out there eat these? BOODA Bimple Bones- they're one of the few that don't have wheat in them so Mom really likes that about them. Problem is, she can't find them at PetsMart anymore and Target cleared out their stock. Anyone know if they're discontinuing these? Now what will I eat???

My itchies seem to be getting a little better. I haven't been wearing a collar except for when we take a walk. I look naked all the time now! AH!

But Mom bought me these shirts at Target for $1! Score!

Not as cool as Tanner's outfit...but still...


Mom she hopes all the other moms will be watching/yelling/cheering for Michael Phelps tonight. She's obsessed!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

frog legs

Mom always thinks it's funny how we Bostons lay down like this. She calls it "frog legs."

My itches have gotten worse. Mom is worried about me. I have bad lumpy bumps around my neck so she takes my collar off unless we're going for a walk. Any suggestions out there? We've put hydrocortisone cream on it and it doesn't seem to be doing much.

She doesn't want to take me to the vet because they probably won't do much - just like the last time we went.

For all the other moms out there, this is the guy my mom screams and yells for:

Michael Phelps

What's the big fuss about? I have muscles too, mom!

My order from is supposed to arrive today! Here I come Cuz!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mom hasn't posted the last few days because she was sick. She couldn't take me out for a walk on Saturday so later she found my poop mess in the computer room! Sorry mom!

Last night we went to the neighbors' house and I got to see my girlfriend, Sophie. See how I'm staring at her so lovingly?

Mom has been watching the Olympics (mainly mens swimming) and she wakes me up and scares me with all her yelling and clapping. Crazy lady.

Friday, August 8, 2008

oh brother, where art thou?

Mom is still waiting to hear back from the animal shelter where Motley is. She's hoping they contact her soon so we can go meet him tomorrow or Sunday.

I think mom is going a little cuckoo trying to find me a good brother/sister. She found Bosley on but he is about 3.5 hours away from us and she doesn't think they'll let her adopt him because we live here. %(@#*&!!! He looks so fun! Mom would probably have 100 dogs if she had the money. She keeps saying "Oh...this little guy needs a home!" Crazy lady. This is why she is going to be an unmarried spinster!

Poor guy and his broken leg. I hope he is better.

* * *

This is when I am the happiest (besides when I'm with mom):

Me and my, pugs

Here are some pictures mom wants to show everyone:

Me under the covers

Dreaming about Booda bones

Today's question: How many of your moms/dads put you in a crate when they're at work? Or do you have a section of the house that's doggy-gated off?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

can i have a brother or sister?

Mom has been feeling guilty for awhile now...leaving me at home by myself without any friends. She says she doesn't think she has the energy for two Bobos but she's been looking at every day and found this little guy:
His name is "Motley" and he's a West Highland White Terrier Westie, Boston Terrier mix. Says he's good with kids and other dogs so mom is going to try to see if she can afford to adopt another doggie.

I'm excited! I get so bored at home by myself which is why I always want to see my pug friends!

What do you think guys? Should mom adopt Motley? [Say "yes" - heheheheheh]

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Mom got me this Cuz toy last night because she said my other new dog pals like them so much. I took one sniff and walked away. Then mom said some words I'm not allowed to repeat. Haha. She thinks she can win me over after leaving me home all day!?

She also got me some new treats:

She got me these in the berry flavor

I guess they're okay. They smell really good. I ate a few but then mom fed me some dinner. I am a very picky eater...when I came from the animal shelter, they were feeding me Science Diet which they claimed was "GREAT FOOD!" and mom believed them because she was a dumb-dumb and didn't know any better. But it gave me bad itchies and flaky skin so she talked to a nice hippy lady at PetsMart who suggested Blue Buffalo holistic food.

It's better than Science Diet but I like when mom mixes wet food with it. She's not a very good cook yet. She mixes different Halo wet food flavors with this and it tastes good. But last night she let me try some Merricks Cowboy Cookout. Yum! But mom said that was only a special treat because the pet store that sells it is far away from our house and smells like poo.

* * *

Last night mom got to take my best friend Buddy on our walk:

Me and Buddy sniffing out the bushes

We had fun on our walk but I think mom was a little nervous because we were dragging her all over the sidewalk and getting tangled up. But we made it back home safely. Then we went swimming!

Here's an older picture of me being bad...I don't know why I got in mean you're NOT supposed to eat comforter stuffing????????

See? I'm smiling...! It's funny, mom!

Post a picture of you being a bad dog!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last night mom & I went on our usual walk...but as always, I stopped right in front of the pug house and didn't move. She said "I'll wait you out," and then she got impatient and picked me up and carried me home. Doesn't she understand I want to play?

We went back inside our house and she gave me a Booda bimple bone...I think she felt guilty that she wouldn't let me play with Buddy and my other friends. I like bimple bones...they're better than the cheap crap she used to get me at Petco. Once, I was chewing on some rawhide roll and started foaming at the mouth...big time rabies style. Mom was screaming and thought I was sick or something. Then she talked to this nice lady at PetsMart who said dogs aren't supposed to EAT that stuff...just chew on it. Way to go, mom.

Anyhow...there was a knock at the door and I started barking really loud and who was at the door but 3 of my friends! So we all went on a walk to the park and I had so much fun. Frankie was so excited he took off and we all had to chase him. Luckily, some nice boy helped us get him back. Then I showed everyone how well I can army crawl. Mom doesn't like when I do this on grass because then I come home with a stomach full of itchies!

My itchies from last week's army crawl extravaganza

Lately, my favorite pug friend is Sophie. Mom says she's my "girlfriend." I like to lick her face and I think she thinks it's cute, even though she usually has this expression on her face:

***Mom wants to know if anyone has tips on how to get me not to sit down/lay down during walks. She says she is tired of carrying a big baby like me home all the time.

Thursday is mom's payday...she says she's going to get me these online as a treat. They look good! Nathan's hot dog treats for dogs!

What are your favorite treats everyone?

P.S. Here is a picture of me and my mom at Huntington Beach a week after she adopted me. I have sand on my nose!

Monday, August 4, 2008

two posts in one day?

Mom says I have lots of computer friends now! Too bad none of them live in California. I have my pug friends that live on my street but I haven't met another dog that looks like me yet.

She told me a cute little BT named
Petra tagged me with some questions that I have to answer.

What is your name?
Bobo, it's the name the animal shelter gave me and mom decided to keep it. But mom is crazy and calls me different things all the time. When she gets home from work she sings, "Bobo...meister...bobo...meister," and claps like a dumb-dumb. Dad calls me "Bob" or "Bobster" and more often, "Sloth," because I am lazy and lay down on walks. My neighbor calls me "Feeeeeelix," after Felix the Cat.

If you could change your name, what would it be? Buster

What is your pet's name? You mean "mom?" Hehehehe...

If you could change your pet's name, what would it be? "Princess Mommy."

If you could change their names, what would they be? I don't know...all this thinking is hurting my brain...haha!

first post!

Hi all...this is my first post. I've been reading (okay, 'looking') at a lot of Boston Terrier blogs and I'm excited to make my very own blog now!

This is what I did all weekend...sleeping is fun. Except for when mom says it's actually time to sleep.

I fell out of my bed after this picture was taken...guess I shouldn't sleep like this anymore...

I went to see my 5 pug friends last night...I missed them! When I don't get to go into their house I lay down on the sidewalk outside their house in protest. Then mom usually starts scolding me under her breath saying that I'm "not a baby" and I "need to walk home like a big boy." And then she ends up carrying me home. Hahahahaha.

Check back to read about all the trouble I get into, the fun I have, and me "dog surfing" with my pug friend, Buddy: