Monday, September 29, 2008

no internet

We're alive, we're alive!

Mom doesn't have internet anymore at home so she has to sneak a blog entry at work. Shhh...!

We went to the pet store this weekend and I didn't get any toys or treats! Mom put me in some dumb pet stroller but I did NOT like that. That's why I look mad here:

One of Mom's old co-workers got a baby version of me this weekend. I may have a new playmate soon!

My pug friends' dad took this picture. Looks like I just got done eating dinner...hehe:

Is anyone dressing up for Halloween???

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

omg we're back

Mom was feeling a little lazy after her birthday trip (and the internet at home isn't working)...but here we are now.
The weeklong trip to grandma & grandpa's was fun. I didn't have to stay in a crate at all...for a week! The only bad part was hearing the coyotes howl at night. I ran straight back into the house when I heard them!
The pug neighbors gave Mom an orchid plant AND a new, big bed for me:

Mom & grandpa took me to Petco to get some snacks.

Mom saw a baby me at the mall pet store. She asked how much he was and she almost passed out when she heard - $1500. She couldve bought 15 of me for the price I was!

I also went to my first dog's supposed to be for pugs but I'm PRACTICALLY a pug. A big dog drooled on me and I thought I was super cool and started growling/barking at dogs that weighed more than Mom. Oops!